About PlatamonPlatamon

Few areas in Greece are as green and beautiful as Platamon. The place is known for its fine beaches, great mountains and beautiful green heights. The area is very hilly and the contrast between sea and mountains makes it very grand and admirable. Mount Olympos, with its 2917 meters above sea level provides an impressive feeling. The entire region gets its water from the high mountains which finds its way into the streams and helps the nature to thrive. You can literally drink pure water from its wells all around the town, and you can´t miss the great castle up on the highest hill watching over Platamon.


Enjoy dishes of really good grilled meats and really nice fish in the fine restaurants, or have a cocktail in one of many nice launch bars along Platamon central Main Street. Platamon is well known for its fresh tasty fish, as it used to be an old fishing village back in the days. However if its meat you want, you HAVE to tuck in to a gyros, the most popular greek fast food. They are a divine treat and also a very good cure for hunger.




You can find many bars and pubs on the main street of Platamon town center. In fact, Platamon nightlife attracts tourists from all over Greece and Europe and the nightclubs play music all night long. If you want more, visit the neighboring town of NEI PORI or other towns nearby, and the night is yours to exploit.



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