When travelling from outside Greece

Platamon and the apartment hotels is located 100 kilometers south of the City of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki Macedonian Airport, along the mainland coastline, and you can get to the hotels either by bus, train, or taxi. You will find the address and contact details further down this page.

Flights from Sweden

Low cost fares are available with from Stockholm Skavsta Airport directly to Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport.
Fares from Stockholm Arlanda Airport with direct to Thessaloniki Macedonia Airport.
Regular flights with connecting flights to Thessaloniki are available with all the major airlines. 

From other European countries

Contact your travel agency for more information

Transfer from airport to bus or train station

Take the bus No 78 or 78N to the Bus or Train Station, the same bus “No 78 and 78N” calls at both stations.
These busses operate regularly from the airport from 05.00 until 23.00. Alternatively take a taxi. It costs approximately 25 euro’s to the train station, and 35 euro’s to the bus station.

Bus optionMap

If you decide to take the bus from "Thessaloniki bus station" (KTEL MAKEDONIA) it will cost you around 20 euro’s. The bus takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and there is a lot of beautiful scenery on the way there. When you get there, the bus will leave you in the centre of Platamon which is a 3 minute walk to the hotel. (See Photo)

Train option

If you decide to take the train it will cost you around 10 euro’s and it takes around 1 hour. The train actually takes you to NEI PORI which is next to Platamon. (3Km). From the NEI PORI train station you can take a taxi to Hotel Platamon which will cost you 5 Euros and takes a 5 minute drive. There are taxis waiting in the train station, but if it’s not, you’ll find direct numbers for Taxis so you can arrange a pick-up.
(Maximum waiting time is 10-15 minutes).

Taxi option

There are plenty of taxis at the airport and are recommended for a fast and comfortable transportation. The journey takes approximately 60 minutes depending on traffic and stops, and of course, takes you all the way to the hotel. If you are two or more people coming, we would recommend sharing a taxi directly from the airport to Hotel Platamon, for a truly comfortable ride. The taxi costs about 120-150 euro’s. 


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